We don’t like paying bills any more than you do, so we’ve done our best to make it just a tad less painful. Schedule your bills to be paid automatically – just once or on a recurring basis. You can use this to pay virtually anything from monthly bills to that money you borrowed from Great Aunt Irene. Forget the stamps, envelopes, and writing those checks. They can go in that box in the attic with your 8-track, typewriter, and bag phone.

To enroll for Bill Pay, simply login to our Online Banking system and click “Sign Up” under the Bill Pay tab, and you’ll be activated and ready to go within two business days.

Need help setting up a bill payment? Simply click on “View Demo” in the “Quick Links” section once you’ve logged in to Bill Pay.

Best of all, you can get the $3.00 monthly fee waived by paying just one bill per month.

Minimum System Requirements for BillPay:
For BillPay to work properly, please be sure you are using one of these supported browsers to access your BillPay account:
Chrome Version 22+
Android Version 5.0+
Firefox Version 27+
IE Version 11+ (IE Version 8+ is capable but has TLS 1.1/1.2 disabled by default)
Safari 7+

If you'd like more information, please call (800) 748-0451.