Sometimes we all just need a little reminder. That’s what makes Financial Plus’ e-Alerts so great. You can get text or e-mail reminders for things like:

Loan Pay Alerts

  • Account Balances – set to notify you if your account balances go above or below a level you specify.
  • Cleared Checks – get notified when a specific check clears or when any check in a specified range of numbers clears.
  • Withdrawals – get notified if a withdrawal is made from your account that is higher than a specified amount.
  • Deposits – get notified if a deposit is made into your account that is higher than a specified amount.
  • Loan Payment Reminders – get a loan payment reminder up to 20 days before your due date.

Security Alerts

  • E-Mail Changes – get notified when the e-mail address associated with your account(s) has changed.
  • New Card – get notified when a new Debit/ATM card is added to your account.
  • Name/Address Change – get notified when the name or address associated with your account is changed.

You can customize your e-Alerts so that you get only the ones you want. To enroll, log in to Online Banking, and click on the “e-Alerts” link directly below your accounts. During enrollment, you can pick any or all of the alerts that you would like on your account(s).