Each month, you will receive an e-mail notice that your statement is ready. Then just log on to our Online Banking, click the "History" button, and then click the “E-statement/E-Notices” button.

In addition to the current month’s statement, you will also have access to statements for the preceding several months. For permanent records, you will have the option to print your statement or save it.

You must be enrolled in Online Banking. Access your account and select "History". Then select "E-Statement/E-Notices" to complete the enrollment process. Once enrolled, your next monthly statement will be provided via E-Statement.


  • You must be enrolled in Online Banking and be enrolled for E-Statements. Access your account and select "History". Then, select "E-statement/E-Notices and click on "Preferences." You will then need to select the top option which states "I would like both E-Statements and E-Notices," and click "submit" near the bottom.
  • You will then begin to receive your E-Notices on the same page you find your E-Statements. Just click on the "Important Notices" tab.

E-Notices include:

  • NSF/Overdraft Notices
  • Safe Deposit Box Rent or Fees Due
  • Delinquency Notices
  • Certificate Maturity/Renewal
  • Old Address
  • New Address

If you are not already enrolled, you must complete the E-Services Authorization and Agreement. Download E-Services Authorization form here.

Once complete, drop it off at one of our offices or mail it to:

Financial Plus Credit Union

G-3381 Van Slyke Road

PO Box 7006

Flint, MI 48507-0006

After it has been received and processed we’ll complete your enrollment and send you your access code. If you have any further questions, please call us toll free at (800) 748-0451