Earn higher dividends without tying your money up. That’s the advantage of a Financial Plus money market account.

  • No monthly fee.
  • Requires a minimum balance of $1,500 to earn dividends.
  • Dividend rates are tiered, to offer higher rates for larger balances.*
  • Dividends earned daily and paid out monthly.
  • 24-hour access through Online/Mobile Banking, Phone Banking, and ATMs.

This account is designed for those who intend to keep balances of at least $50,000. You get all of the same great features of our Hi-Yield Money Market Account, plus higher dividend rates.* See the qualifications below to see if this account fits your needs.

  • Must keep a minimum balance of at least $50,000. If your balance drops below the minimum, your dividend APY will convert to the highest rate offered on our regular share savings at that time.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. The rate on the HiYield and the Hi-Yield Plus Money Market accounts are tiered based on the balance in your account. The rates can adjust weekly.