• What is Financial Plus’ routing number?

  • How do I reset my digital banking password?

  • How can I pay my Financial Plus loan from another institution?

  • How do I change my address and other contact information?

  • How do I start a chat session?

  • How do I report a lost or stolen debit, ATM or credit card?

  • How do I become a member of Financial Plus Credit Union?

Digital Banking FAQs

Remote Deposit Capture


  • What are Payments?

  • What are the primary benefits of Payments?

  • Who can I pay with Payments?

  • How do I enroll in Payments?

  • How do I start using Payments?

  • How do I pay a bill with Payments?

  • Are payments secure?

  • How are the scheduled payments processed with Payments?

  • When will the funds be withdrawn from my account after I schedule a payment?

  • How long does it take before my payment is received?

  • Will I be able to complete a stop payment to a merchant?

  • What is eBill?

  • How do I locate a check number for a Payments transaction?

  • How are online payments delivered?

  • What are the compatible browsers/versions for Payments?

  • Will my bill still be paid if there are not enough funds in my account?