Fee Schedule

As of 3/31/23


Account Reconciliation & Research (minimum of $15.00) $30.00/hour
Benefits Plus Checking $6.95/month
Benefits Plus Checking Early Termination
(Applied if member closes Benefits Plus within 6 months of enrollment)
Bill Pay Rush Payment Second Day Electronic Delivery $4.95 each
Bill Pay Rush Payment Second Day Check Delivery $14.95 each
Bill Pay Rush Payment Overnight Check Delivery $19.95 each
Check/ACH $29.00 each
Courtesy Pay Overdraft (per item) $10.00/$30.00 each
Account balance overdrawn by $25.00 or less $10.00 each
Account balance overdrawn by $25.01 or more $30.00 each
Tiered Rate Checking Fee (applicable to members grandfathered in)
(Fee waived if minimum daily balance of $1,000.00 is maintained)


Domestic Wire $20.00 each
International Wire $30.00 each
Telephone Transfers $2.00 each

Safe Deposit Box

3 x 5 box $20.00/year
3 x 10 box $30.00/year
5 x 10 box $40.00/year
10 x 10 box $70.00/year
Replacement Key $10.00/key
Safe Deposit Box Drill Fee $200.00/box


ACH One Time Debit $9.95 each
ACH Returned Origination
(Returned because invalid account #, account closed, or NSF)
$29.00 each
ACH Same-Day Processing for Tel-Payments $9.95 each
ATM Transactions & Inquiries
(After 12 inquiries have been completed in the month. Fee is charged to the account at the time of transaction/inquiry. Purchase [POS] transactions excluded.)
$1.50 each
ATM/Debit Card Foreign Transaction Fee
(For transactions outside the U.S.)
3% of transaction amount
Cashier’s Check $1.00 each
Check Cashing
(Fee waived if member has $250.00 or more on deposit, an active loan or Visa, an active checking account, or if the member is a minor)
$5.00 each
Convenience Checks $2.00/sheet
Dormant Account Monthly Fee
(Applies to accounts with less than $500.00 on deposit and no account activity in the previous 12 months. Fee waived for minor accounts)
Escheatment Fee $50.00/account
Processing Garnishment, Levy, Court Order $50.00 each
Returned Payment Item
(Check, ACH, or other item accepted as a loan payment which has been returned)
$29.00 each
Returned Statement Fee $5.00 each
Replacement ATM, Debit, or Credit Card $5.00 each
Statement/Document/Check Copy $2.00 each
Verification of Assets/Deposits $10.00 each