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Phone Banking

Simple banking from your phone

Safely and securely manage your finances 24/7 by calling the Phone Banking line at (800) 234-5884, and following the prompts within the menu. 

What you get with Phone Banking:

  • Obtain account balances, recent transactions and loan balances
  • Transfer funds between your accounts*
  • Make a loan payment or get a loan advance
  • Change your Phone Banking Personal Access Code
  • Fast lane option to skip full menu prompts
Contact us below, start a chat, or visit any branch to enroll in Phone Banking today!

Person using phone to do their phone banking.

Fast Lane

Skip the full-menu prompts, and go straight to the options used most frequently, including:

  • Balance Inquiries
  • Transfers
  • Payments
  • Account history

Contact us to add Fast Lane today!

Fast Lane Menu

Phone Banking Menu

Account Balances Menu:
Press 1 or say "Checking"
Press 2 or say "Savings"
Press 3 or say "Loan Accounts"
Press 4 or say "Credit Card"
Account History Menu:
Press 1 or say "Checking"
Press 2 or say "Savings"
Press 3 or say "Loan Accounts"
Press 4 or say "Credit Card"
Funds Transfer Menu:
Press 1 or say "Transfer Funds Immediately"
Press 2 or say "Payments"
Press 3 or say "Hear Existing Scheduled Transfers"
Press 4 or say "Delete an Existing Transfer"
Share or loan withdrawal menu will vary based on account.
Card Services Menu:
Press 1 or say "Activate Credit Card"
Press 2 or say "Deactivate or Report Card Lost or Stolen"

More Options Menu:
Press 1 or say "Change Your Access Code"
Press 2 or say "Future Data Transactions"
Press 3 or say "Credit Union Information"
Balance Inquiry Menu:
Press 50 for Checking
Press 51 for Credit Card
Press 52 for Savings Account

Transfer Funds Menu:
Press 60 for Savings to Checking
Press 61 for Checking to Savings

Payments (Immediate):
Press 70 to Make a Loan Payment

Account History:
Press 80 for Last Cleared Checks
Press 81 for Last 5 Checking Transactions
Press 82 for Last 5 Credit Card Transactions

Switch Accounts:
Press 9 then *

Launch Full Menu:
Press # then *

*Regulations require phone transfers (and certain other non-personal methods) from all share account types, except your share draft checking account, be limited to six (6) per month for each share account type.