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Line of Credit

Line of credit at FPCU: Making borrowing easy

A Personal Pocketbook line of credit offers you the flexibility to make yourself a loan whenever and wherever you want.  It can be used for auto repairs, home repairs, college tuition, vacation, and more. A line of credit is like having a financial safety net that you can tap into whenever you need to.

How our Personal Pocketbook line of credit works:

  • Checks are available to you so you can easily access your line of credit.
  • When you choose to use your line of credit, you write the check to make purchases, pay bills and write yourself a cash advance. (Using these checks does not affect your checking account - the funds come from your line of credit).
  • You may also transfer advances into your FPCU account through digital banking, by phone, or in person at any branch.

Calculating the monthly payment: 

Your monthly payment is 3.5% of the balance at the time of the last advance, or $20, whichever is greater.  For example, your payment on a Personal Pocketbook Loan with a balance of $1,000 at the last advance would have a payment of $35 per month.

How to apply for a line of credit:

  • Apply online by clicking the button below
  • Stop into any of our locations and chat with a representative

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