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School Partnerships

Financial Plus offers guidance and support for their path ahead

Financial Plus is offering an exciting opportunity for students to build financial independence through The Path Program. As a credit union dedicated to helping individuals and families to make informed financial decisions, we offer a variety of engaging resources and tools to help students learn financial concepts and make financial choices.

Benefits for students:

Classroom Presentations
Our team of financial experts is here to collaborate with you and provide informative presentations during your lessons. We provide tailored financial presentations ranging from 20 to 60 minutes that cover important topics such as budgeting, saving, and credit management.

We're committed to helping students achieve their education goals. That's why we offer two scholarships, one of which is an exclusive $1,000 scholarship for just your students.

Reality Fairs
We collaborate with Flint Area Credit Unions to organize Reality Fairs, which offer students a practical opportunity to manage their finances. Through these simulated environments, students can gain hands-on experience in making financial decisions and understand the outcomes of their choices in a secure and encouraging setting. Reality Fairs are an engaging and interactive way for students to put their financial knowledge into practice and cultivate practical money management skills.

We're dedicated to being involved in the community, especially when it comes to supporting education. That's why we're happy to offer sponsorships for school events. 

Exclusive Offers
Students and faculty can access exclusive checking account offers, providing additional financial benefits. *

Looking to start The Path Program for your students?

We believe financial literacy is an important life skill that all students should have the opportunity to learn, and we're passionate about supporting students on their financial journey. 
Contact our Financial Wellness Coach:
Ciara Kolasinski
(810) 244-2961
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Budgeting and Planning
Understand your current financial picture, prioritize expenses, and plan for the future.
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Dealing with Debt
Learn tools for managing debt by lowering interest rates and paying off high-interest credit cards.
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Credit Reports and Scores
Resources for understanding credit reports and tips for managing credit
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Financial Emergencies
From a sudden job loss or loss of income, be prepared to deal with life's curve balls.
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Checking and Savings
Guidance for managing checking and savings accounts and planning for retirement
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Foreclosure prevention and support, homebuyer assistance, reverse mortgage counseling and more 
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Tips and tools for exploring loan repayment options for auto, student, and other loans  
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Identity Theft and Fraud
Know the difference and how to protect yourself from being a victim.

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