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Your money and your goals. All within reach. 

We now have certified financial coaches at all Financial Plus locations with the tools, knowledge, and resources to guide you through the path you're on. The best part? It's completely free to you.

What's in it for you:

  • Learn how to build your credit score
  • Plan for your child's college education
  • Review retirement savings
  • Review and set your budget
  • Review debt and collections
  • And more

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Jessica Gibbs, CCUFC

Jessica has worked for credit unions for nine years. Her dedication to providing personalized service to each member makes her a valuable asset to anyone looking to build a stronger financial future.

"I have always loved helping members save money or finding ways to help them through financial problems they are having." 
Community action:  GRO Network Flint Chapter

Office: (810) 600-4258
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Mary Bitson, CCUFC

Mary's seven years of experience in the credit union industry have equipped her with the knowledge to provide invaluable guidance to members. She understands the importance of helping them achieve their financial goals and build a more secure future.

Office: (810) 244-6147
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Sheree Galloway, CCUFC

Sheree's experience in the credit union industry has provided her with the expertise to offer invaluable guidance to members. She recognizes the significance of empowering them to accomplish their financial objectives and establish a more secure future. Moreover, she served with USDA Rural Development for almost three years, obligating loans and collaborating with the community.
"Working in the credit union industry allows me to reach more community members. I genuinely enjoy helping people achieve their goals and dreams. Whether saving for a car, home, or emergencies, I enjoy helping members improve their financial health. My dad is also a founding member. "
Office: (810) 244-6143

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Dawn Dombrowski, CCUFC

Office: (810) 244-2773
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Miny Adams, CCUFC

Office: (810) 244-2191