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Overdraft Protection

An extra level of protection for your checking account

We understand unexpected overdrafts occur from time to time. Our overdraft options can help. 

Overdraft Protection services apply to all types of transactions and may help protect your account from being overdrawn by automatically transferring funds to your checking account from another account or line of credit that you may have at Financial Plus.

Overdraft Options
Service Cost
Overdraft Protection link to another deposit account that you have at Financial Plus* No charge to transfer
Overdraft Protection Line of Credit**
Subject to fees and interest
Courtesy Pay^

$30 Courtesy Pay fee each time the item is presented ($10 when the account balance is overdrawn by $25 or less)

If you don't have enough funds to cover your purchase, our Courtesy Pay option gives you that extra cushion and peace of mind. Courtesy Pay allows you to overdraw your account up to a predetermined limit for a fee to pay a transaction. Even if you have overdraft protection, such as a transfer from another account, Courtesy Pay is available as secondary coverage if the other protection sources are exhausted.

Courtesy Pay Options

Partial Coverage^^ Full Coverage^^
Checks and other transactions made using your checking account number x x
Automatic bill payments x x
ATM transactions

Debit card transactions

If multiple items overdraw your account on the same day, each item will be assessed the appropriate fee. The total overdrawn balance, including all fees and charges, is due and payable upon demand.  Fees associated with the use of Courtesy Pay are outlined in our Fee Schedule which can be found here. You can request to discontinue the Courtesy Pay service in its entirety at any time by contacting us a (800)748-0451, or visiting a branch.
Ready to get started?
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*Contact the Credit Union to establish links to other accounts in addition to your regular savings.
**Subject to credit approval.
^Subject to approval.
^^Enrollment required.
Member must be in good standing to enroll in and utilize the Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay services.