Financial Plus CEO preps for his interview with Viewpoint.


Empowering Financial Wellness on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

Financial Plus Credit Union is set to be featured on an upcoming episode of the acclaimed documentary series, Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. Hosted by the renowned actor Dennis Quaid, this award-winning series is dedicated to producing educational documentaries that delve into a wide array of topics, including business, technology, and culture. This exciting collaboration highlights Financial Plus's commitment to innovation, progress, and the empowerment of its members.

A Revolutionary Period in the Financial Industry

"The Financial industry is in a revolutionary period," said Brad Bergmooser, President, and CEO of Financial Plus. "It's an honor that Viewpoint noticed our ambition and invited Financial Plus to share our story on a national scale. Our fearless approach stems from our roots in Flint and having the auto industry as our founding institution - an industry that has also continued to embrace innovation and progress. Today, we're tailoring our solutions to a more relationship-based approach while remaining committed to technology and new ways to bank."